Kabiny sanitarne HPL

sanitary cabins

Appropriate furniture equipment for public utility facilities is essential to guarantee full comfort for users, including personal hygiene. Therefore, such places cannot lack functional bathrooms with sanitary cabins. Currently such cabins are the most comfortable solution. What is worth knowing about them?

Public buildings, i.e. buildings for public administration, culture, education, trade and sport, are nowadays present in every city. Due to their functions, their traffic intensity is high, which in turn means that they need to be equipped with the right equipment. Obligatory elements include sanitary cabins, otherwise known as system cabins, which will allow users to freely use the bathroom, without fear of lack of privacy.

Where are sanitary cabins used?

First of all, bathrooms with sanitary cabins are present in shopping centres, sports and entertainment halls, cinemas, theatres or stadiums, i.e. in all entertainment locations. They are also in schools, from kindergartens to high schools. Moreover, sanitary cabins are a necessary investment in the case of swimming pools. Then they have a slightly different form than cabins seen in shopping centres or cinemas, so that everyone in the pool could not only freely use a toilet, but also take a shower.

Why are sanitary cabins indispensable?

The answer is simple: they are the most ergonomic way to manage the space in the bathroom in a public facility. A big number of cabins allows for quick and efficient service of each user. The queues are smaller, which is very important e.g. during mass events. Functionality of sanitary cabins is so obvious that nobody even looks for more innovative solutions nowadays. Thanks to the use of system cabins at gas stations, stopping times are also reduced, which significantly speeds up the journey.

Types of sanity cabins

It may seem that all sanitary cabins are the same. But the truth is that we can distinguish at least several types of cabins. This is because of their different structures and materials used. Thanks to several available options, you can choose the most suitable solution for a given interior. Which cabin systems can be found in the manufacturers of this type of equipment?
HPL System – the cabins in this system are made of special compact HPL boards. These boards are double-layer decorated laminates (HPL stands for high-pressure laminate). They are produced under high pressure from several layers of resin impregnated paper. The advantage of this type of products is their durability. HPL boards are very resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and chemical substances. In addition, this type of laminate is very easy to keep clean, aesthetic and available in a variety of colours. What is more, they are easy to install and adapt to specific spatial conditions.
V20 System – another type of sanitary cabins. Cabins of V20 system are made of chipboard which is most often 24 mm. These cabins also use high-quality fittings and aluminium profiles, e.g. made of stainless steel. Chipboard structures are considered very stable and are used not only in bathrooms. Such boards are also suitable products for separating office spaces. They can also serve as walls in changing rooms. Sanitary cabins in V20 system are less expensive than HPL cabins. However, they are not as resistant to water as laminate cabins.
HPL-PR system – HPL-PR system toilet walls is a solution that uses sandwich panels. The core of such products is polyurethane foam, while the role of external layers is played by boards made of HPL. HPL-PR cabins are exceptionally stable and they are a perfect product for rooms with very high humidity.

Shower sanitary cabins

Sanitary cabins do not have to be confined to toilets. They are also used to create showers, e.g. in a swimming pool. The most popular and functional shower cabins are made of high-pressure laminate (HPL), e.g. 13 mm thick. The choice of shower cabins should depend on the arrangement of the room in which they will be located. Different cabins are suitable for high interiors and rooms with low ceiling. Shower cabins are usually equipped with bars with curtain and compartment walls. They can also have an additional separate space which serves as a mini changing room.

Cabins for kindergartens

This is a specific type of cabins that needs to be adjusted for small children. Sanitary cabins for kindergartens are available in interesting colours and shapes. They may be in the form of compartments or be fully enclosed. Ideally, sanitary cabins in kindergartens should have anti-pressure gaskets or special fittings to increase the safety of children. Usually cabins for children do not have an internal lock.