Locker room lockers


Modern locker room lockers.

An increasingly important factor in the success of a company, apart from the way its customers perceive it, is the perception of its employees. Employers aim at creating the best work conditions possible. The appearance of a meeting room for contractors is important, but also the locker room is very important. The equipment in employee locker rooms can have different standards. Popular and extensively sold metal lockers are slowly being replaced by cheaper and definitely more aesthetic ones made of furniture boards. Most often melamine boards in light colours, e.g. white or light grey, are used for the bodies of such lockers to illuminate the interior. These are very universal colours that match several finishing materials.

For bodies of locker room lockers, where furniture is required to be highly resistant to damage and significant change of temperature or humidity is possible from time to time, HPL compact board is a very good solution. This material is extremely durable and resistant to damage caused by water and vandalism. The most striking element, however, when entering the locker room, are the fronts of the lockers. A wide range of materials can also be used to make fronts of locker room lockers. The most popular materials are melamine boards, which come in a wide range of uniform colours as well as wood-like patterns. Luxurious locker rooms can have locker fronts made of boards covered with natural wood veneers or lacquered fronts. Lockers with painted fronts offer us, of course, the greatest possibilities to choose the colour from both RAL and NCS templates. The paint finishing used in locker room lockers can be high-gloss or matt. If we care about the gloss, of course, we can also use cheaper acrylic boards that give a similar visual effect.

The aesthetic appearance of the modern locker room is complemented by mirrors and benches. The latter can be made of material that matches the colour of lockers. For locker room lockers it is also definitely recommended to use water-resistant materials. In this respect HPL compact board is the leader. The so called pool lockers (i.e. made entirely of water-resistant boards) are also recommended for other locker rooms, where high or very high air humidity occurs temporarily or permanently. The choice of swimming pool lockers for locker room equipment will surely be appreciated by the owners of employee locker rooms in plants working in shifts and with high intensity of use. Lockers made of HPL compact board are perfect for places exposed to vandalism.

Due to the manner of use of the lockers in locker rooms, the space of the body can be divided into two, three or more compartments. In some manufacturing plants it is recommended or even required to use lockers divided into clean and dirty clothing. In this case, opening one door gives the user access to both parts, but they are separated by a partition that prevents the penetration of dirt. L-type lockers are also popular in locker rooms, as they save space needed for one user, but provide the necessary space for storing clothes.

Lockers can also be locked in different ways. In swimming pools, a popular solution are locks that are operated by a coded band, which is different for each customer. In fitness clubs and employee locker rooms, durable and aesthetic locks with padlocks are often used. If we want to use the lockers for temporary storage of clothes or other unnecessary items during shopping, coin operated locks will be a perfect choice.

Such a wide range of possible combinations allows investors with different preferences and financial possibilities to choose something for themselves or their employees. Our company’s professional approach guarantees long-lasting and satisfying usage of our products. We encourage to place orders.