HPL Basic Sanitary cabins


Thanks to the unique properties of the HPL compact board, sanitary cabins made of this material can be used in rooms with high humidity. Sanitary cabins made of HPL compact boards are recommended for places that are used very intensively. The board properties combined with proper installation make the products very durable and resistant to “vandalism”. They can be installed, among others, in office buildings, schools, sports facilities, industrial facilities, swimming pools, aqua parks, etc.

Partition walls, doors and frames made of 10, 12 or 13 mm thick compact HPL board in colours acc. to manufacturer’s sample. Stiffening profile for the front wall concealed behind the front line (not visible from the outside). The supporting elements of the system are connected with each other by anodised aluminium profiles. Partitions and side frames attached to the walls by anodized aluminium profiles. The construction is supported by system legs.

The door equipped with three gravitational self-closing hinges, handle and lock with emergency opening and “free-occupied” status indicator.

Plastic fittings are a good solution for rooms of small use intensity or seasonal use. An unquestionable advantage of using plastic fittings is the ability to match the colour of the accessories to the colour of the board from which the cabins are made.

BASIC system hinges, legs and lock have a core made of steel protected against corrosion by galvanizing and are coated with plastic, the handle is made entirely of plastic.

Plastic accessories are an economic solution. For products that include BASIC fittings, we grant a standard warranty of up to 2 years with the possibility of extension.


aesthetic appearance of cabins

very fast, very easy and clean installation

easy to clean, minimal maintenance

no need to refresh cabin colours for many years

solid construction proven in thousands facilities

top profile hidden behind the front wall

height of frames equal to the height of the door

Standard dimensions:

 Total height of enclosure: 2,020 mm including 150h foot

Width: 1,070 mm

Depth: 1,200 mm

Door width: 800, 900 and 1,000 mm