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Pool lockers

Pool lockers – the basic equipment of a facility

A locker for storage of personal belongings is a furniture that has become a permanent part of the aesthetics of public utility buildings such as: pools, SPA, aqua parks, entertainment centres, sport clubs. This essential piece of equipment has to meet many requirements at the same time.

The degree of usefulness of a locker depends on several factors

Furnishing of public utility buildings must be characterized by convenience of use and universal aesthetics, and at the same time meet a number of standards. In the case of rooms with high humidity, it is necessary to get equipment made of waterproof and durable material that will not be affected by chlorine and corrosion processes.

For this reason, HPL boards are most commonly used in the manufacture of sanitary equipment and furniture for swimming pools. High quality HPL material is not toxic and is in no way harmful to users. Moreover, the material is highly flame retardant – this is a basis of safety rules. A relevant feature of modern lockers is the ventilation system. Ventilated bodies or façades of lockers are an important prerequisite for their intended use: lockers are usually located in internal rooms.
What is interesting, the HPL material is made by combining several layers of paper with the use of resin. This material is characterized by high plasticity and susceptibility to processing. Thus shapes of furniture in facilities do not have to be uniform and unattractive anymore. Additionally the equipment used can be easily recycled.

Pool lockers should necessarily be equipped with a reliable, resistant to external factors lock or a traditional or electric code. Furniture manufacturers offer a variety of modern solutions in this respect. This is an absolute prerequisite for maintaining user comfort.

Safety and hygiene

The properties of the product should be confirmed by certificates in the field of hygiene and safety standards. In the case of pool lockers this is for example National Institute of Hygiene certificate and fire protection certificate.

Shiny cleanliness and noticeable freshness are the factors that have a significant influence on the level of comfort resulting from the use of a given room. Hygienic measures are often performed in a hurry, due to the large number of customers. Therefore, keeping lockers clean should be made as easy as possible. A moisture-resistant material with a durable, smooth surface will allow it. Lockers made in this way can be cleaned even with the use of strong active substances. The material will not be damaged or lose its properties.

Functionality and aesthetics

The lockers can be placed on feet, plinth or a bench. Using a bench is an interesting solution which will additionally increase the functionality. The more modern and interesting the design of the furniture, the better the customer experience.

In the past, the most commonly used shape of garments lockers was letter L. This traditional approach has proven its worth for many years. We can still see such lockers in several facilities. However, there are new solutions that also prove to be effective, both in terms of usability and aesthetics. These are rectangular lockers equipped with several shelves for easy storage of personal belongings in the locker.

Matching design, universal colours

The colours of furniture used in public utility buildings should be well adapted to their intended use and target group. Often, it is worth choosing universal options in this respect: white, graphite, silver. These are colours associated with cleanliness and modernity, which will appeal to people of all ages. In exclusive facilities, solutions deviating from simple smoothness are used – there are even interesting patterns imitating marble. Classic colours can be combined with natural tones: laminated wood, leather upholstery. Such combinations will be perfect especially for SPA designs.

If, however, the facility is to attract young people and families with children, the choice of stronger colours may be a good solution. Red, white, navy blue and green are used – these are the basic colours, often used in the production of sports equipment. The interior enriched with such colours brightens up. The positive effect of such a design will certainly encourage the youngest and older children to visit the swimming pool, aqua park or entertainment centre.

A good impression is not only due to the possibility of spending time in the pool, but also due to the entire customer experience.
The pleasure of being in a well-designed and attractively furnished interior is an important aspect.
Lockers are a permanent element of equipment of every facility that offers swimming pools or jacuzzi. These are sports facilities, entrainment parks and exclusive SPAs. Customers appreciate changes they see in locker rooms and other rooms they use. This simple piece of furniture can be an eye-catcher and a business card of the facility. What counts is simplicity of use, comfort, capacity, as well as design and aesthetics.