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Locker room lockers

Locker room lockers are used to temporary store clothes and personal belongings. They are used in commercial companies, hospitals, educational institutions, children’s and sports facilities, office and industrial facilities. One of the options are metal lockers made of high quality steel and equipped with a lock to ensure reliable security of the things left in the locker. The use of such lockers into the locker rooms ensures the highest aesthetics and compliance with sanitary standards. Lockers made of other materials also find their application in various facilities.

What should be considered when buying locker room lockers?

  • Quality, strength and durability

  • Comfort while storing clothes and other items

  • Reasonable cost

  • Aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of metal locker room lockers:

  • Environmentally friendly, they do not emit toxic substances

  • Resistant to damage, the risk of corrosion is reduced to zero with powder coating

  • Easy to clean: it is sufficient to wipe them off regularly with ordinary hygiene products

  • Balanced design and colour make them suitable for any style of room

  • Children’s or sports lockers can be bright and cheerful.

All locker room lockers have their own specifications and differ in size and functionality. Metal locker room lockers are inexpensive and a one-off investment for decades. A characteristic feature of lockers for locker rooms is the possibility of making various types of locks: mechanical (standard, with key), coded, electronic, opened by means of special cards.

There are ventilation openings on the door to ensure resistance to unpleasant odours and moisture. In closed lockers, where clothes and shoes are stored, especially spares and sports ones, air circulation is essential, which is why the doors of metal lockers are perforated. Thanks to this things keep a fresh smell.

An additional advantage of the products is the possibility to equip the interior of lockers in the locker room with additional elements:

  • Shelves

  • Hooks

  • Hangers.

Children’s lockers are usually fitted with original handles instead of locks.

Structure of metal locker room lockers

Metal structures for storing clothes are also classified according to their structural features. There are adaptations of the welded and assembled type. The latter type allows to modify and change the number of partitions. These products are easily transported unassembled and they save space in the locker room.

The first type includes products where spot-welding is used. Thanks to this method of assembly, the equipment of the locker room is obtained immediately after assembly. Welded lockers are practical and ensure a long service life. Prefabricated models can be presented unassembled. These models are particularly comfortable because they can be easily installed on site. They are fixed with screws and rivets. Modular products include a continuous line of lockers. Special rivets are used for the installation of the locker system.

Locker room lockers according to the material used for production

Apart from metal lockers, there are also lockers made of chipboard and natural wood. Enclosures made of chipboard are considered to be an economic solution, as their cost is low. They are suitable for any type of room where humidity is low. These are comfortable and practical products with attractive design. Kindergarten and school can be equipped with wooden or chipboard lockers.

Besides chipboard, plastic products are suitable for high humidity areas. Plastic lockers are resistant to aggressive environments. In addition, the plastic casing features high reliability and convenience. In high humidity rooms products with moisture-proof properties are recommended. The best solution are products made of moisture-proof MDF.

Locker room lockers in sports facilities (including swimming pools)

Lockers for such facilities can have any shape depending on a chosen design. The most important thing is that they meet the criteria of functionality, i.e. they are resistant to moisture, scratches and have good ventilation. In such a room as the locker room in the pool there is a high concentration of chlorine, so a good solution is to buy lockers made of laminate; in such environmental conditions metal lockers will not meet the requirements.

Interior fittings for locker room lockers

A standard fitting for locker room lockers includes:

  • Top compartment – used to store shoes and accessories

  • Central compartment – it has a bar with a hanger for clothes

  • The bottom is strong and resistant enough to store heavy items.

Locker room lockers are necessary for safer and careful storage of various types of garment. For this purpose, it is recommended to divide a product into compartments so that garments and accessories can be put there. This way, locker room furniture is perfectly divided into 2 zones. The best option is two-part model.